Movable Medical Hub

Movable room units 

for a fast and quick response 

to Healthcare Emergencies

easy to deliver and assemble

About MMH:

The Movable Medical Hub is used to expand and add rooms in existing hospitals or clinics or to transform in a temporary hospital large covered buildings such as Exhibitions centres, Hospitality structures, Sports Arenas, and other similar facilities.


A rapid and fast solution to expand when needed the space for doctors, for nurses or for patients.


Easy to dismantle and stock in the warehouse.

Easy and fast to assemble in case of need.


It can be accessorised as an office unit, or as a room where staff under pressure from prolonged operational activity can rest and recover, or as a room for the hospitalization of sick people suffering from particular pathologies.

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Medical Hub

Where and when extra rooms are immediately required.

Movable Medical Hub
Movable Medical Hub

Inpatient ward - Operating & rest room - Office.

Inpatient ward
Inpatient ward
Operating & rest room
Operating & rest room
Phone booth
Phone booth
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Hospital design:

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  1. The size of the door is suitable for wheelchair and medical emergency bed.

  2. There are curtains inside. Optional with UVC ultraviolet lamp.

  3. Waterproof materialss shall be selected for the external part of the product, and the internal wall shall be coated with steel plate and baked with antibacterial powder. The wall shall be fireproof.

  4. Adopt E0 environmental protection materials to ensure formaldehyde emission.


Anti-bacterial system

  1. The frame of the hub is made from mild steel and aluminium.

  2. The inner and outside surface are powder-coated by AkzoNobel technology. Anti-Bacterial rate 95% (static by BioCote).

  3. The frame inside was constructed by E0 rated material, Zero release of Formaldehyde guaranteed.

Air system for Medical Hub:

  1. Positive and negative air treatment system.

  2. 8pcs of 98CFM negative exhaust blower, providing 22cbm of indoor air circulation.

  3. 8pcs od 98CFM positive exhaust blower, 4-layer filter, providing continuous pure air.

  4. The exhaust is available to connected with the hospital central sterilize system.

  5. The exhaust outlet can be equipped with biomedical ultraviolet sterilizer.

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